Q-topia provide advocacy, support and education for LGBTQI+ youth in the Greater Christchurch Area.

They came to us at a very interesting intersection. With a new manager, they were looking to reinvigorate their branding and website (which hadn’t been touched since the early 00’s), in-order to present attractive applications for funding, to give current members a brand they could be proud of, and to appeal to potential new members.

As you can imagine, it was important for Q-topia youth to have input into the design of their new logo and branding. So, once the initial concepts were presented, our team took on all their feedback to further develop their logo and transform it into something the members were all excited about.

On-top-of updating their branding we are also working closely with Q-topia to build a website that fits the needs to the business. This site will be designed with the following considerations:

  • It must be a welcoming place where questioning youth can go to find information and support
  • It must be a place where family of questioning youth can go to be educated, and find support
  • It must also promote public donations (one-off and ongoing), and corporate sponsorship so that the business can continue to provide and grow its services