How who

How who sees what…well that’s kind of catchy but what does it mean?

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How who sees what…well that’s kind of catchy but what does it mean?

It’s actually an easy to understand marketing formula, developed to help businesses establish what they need to get out to their markets, to build effective and efficient market exposure.

Marketing can be overwhelming, particularly when trying to figure out strategies. It’s often left as ‘too hard’ so a business just runs marketing ‘on the fly’. At the other end of the spectrum, an overly creative approach can easily lose track of end goals. You want a controlled approach to put your best foot forward, to maximise opportunities and avoid unnecessary expense.

Successful marketing involves strategy, creativity and structure – all meeting a definitive criteria. To establish this you start with asking a lot of questions.

This formula not only asks the right questions, it also streamlines the wealth of information it gathers, making strategising simpler and clearer. The three elements – how, who and what – also define an effective and productive criteria.

How do you stimulate your market?

  • this element helps decide which platforms should be utilised (eg. print media, radio, online media etc).

Who do you want to reach?

  • defining the demographic of the business’ market.

What do you need them to see?

  • this element provides the information a business wants to get to their market, facts and hooks to engage the market.

Information gathered from how, who and what quite naturally feeds each other, ultimately delivering a solid base of information, from which business-specific strategies can be built. The formula brings clarity and sense to marketing, giving a business the ability to control how who sees what.